Portfolio & Pension Funds Administration Services


In the same sphere as the mutual funds, our team of experts employ the same tools to provide portfolio administration services:

  • Daily reports which are customized to the needs of the client

  • Dividend, interest and capital gain distribution reports

  • Communication with custodians, brokers and portfolio managers

  • Resolve anomalies and issues related to the portfolio investment policy

  • Record keeping for audit purposes


Pension Funds

In compliance with the Ministry of Investment's Decree 209 issued in July 2007, SERVFUND offers the following administrative services bouquet:

  • Full Access to the applications to enter the members data, dues, payments, transactions, …etc.

  • Access to system MIS and EFSA regulatory reports. The information system provides ALL EFSA regulatory reports and more than 50 other reports.

  • Secure Access to a website to enquire about the existing membership financial information and calculations of benefits. The enquiry and calculations shows the following information for a selected member:

    •  Subscription Start Date

    •  Expected benefit disbursement date

    •  Total amount of funds representing the contribution of the member

    •  Total amount of funds paid by the employer for the benefit of the member

    •  Accumulated ROI related to the member

    •  Total redeemable amount for the selected benefit.