Mutual Fund Services

In compliance with the Ministry of Investment's Decree (#167) issued in July 2014, Servfund offers the following administrative services bouquet:

  •  NAV calculation

  •  Printing and mailing of quarterly reports

  •  Registering redemption and subscription transactions

  •  Preparing the number of outstanding ICs and announcing the results by the end of each working day.

  •  Registering transactions of ICs that are not registered in the stock market

  •  Valuating assets and financial instruments of non-registered funds where other funds are investing in, taking in consideration recruiting an  asset valuation specialist and a financial consultant


Keeping and preparing an electronic register of IC holders including:

  • Date of registration

  • Number of ICs held by each IC holder

  • Redemption and subscription transactions on ICs

  • IC sale and purchase transactions according to the agreement with the fund manager


Prepare and send reports (Printed and Mailed) to IC holders quarterly including:

  • NAV

  • Number of ICs, net value of ICs, and the guiding market value if found

  • Profit dividends report if any dividends where distributed after the date of the last report